Billund Airport Bus

Billund Airport Bus

During the months of July and August, the Billund airport bus (city shuttle) offers a FREE service to passengers.  This service operates from the airport itself  and drops passengers at varies hotels including Hotel Propellen, Hotel Svanen, Zleep hotel and LEGOLAND village.  The bus then continues it’s journey to Billund, where it terminates.

On it’s return journey, the bus leves from Billund city centre via Billund Kro and then stops at the same hotels as above including LEGOLAND Village and hotels, then continues it’s journey to Billund Airport.

Times For The Billund Airport Bus

The Billund Bus (City shuttle) is a regular service during the week and runs every 45 minutes from the airport Monday – Friday.  The first FREE bus service leaves the airport at 09.00am and the last services leaves at 20.15pm (at the time of writing).

Please Note:  The bus service timetable changes at the weekend.  There are regular services every 45 minutes from 09.00am – 12.oopm.  Then from 12.00pm -18.00pm, there is no service.  The servicethen commences again at 18.00pm and is then every 45 minutes til 20.15pm.

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