Billund Airport Departures

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Billund Airport Departures And Procedures


If you are flying from Billund Airport in Denmark, you will be required to comply with the Airport Departures procedures that are in place at Billund. As with as other International airport, Billund has set procedure that are there for you own and other passengers security.

Any passengers wishing to fly from Billund Airport will first need to Check-In for their flight and passengers have a couple of ways in which they can do this. Passengers can choose the more traditional way of Checking-In at the airport using the check-In desks or they can use the more modern way of Checking-In Online (if the applicable with the airline).

Checking-In At Billund Airport

It is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hour before your departure time. This will allow you plenty of time to clear Check-In and Security and be relaxed before boarding your flight. If you arrive at the airport late, you may run the risk of missing your flight.

If you are flying from Billund Airport and you would prefer to Check-In at the airport for your flight, there are several Check-In desks available inside the Departures area. Each flight departuing from Billund Airport is allocated with its own Check-In desks and upon arriving at the airport, you will need to locate which desks have been allocated for your flight. The easiest way to find out which desks are Checking-In your flight is to simply look at one of the overhead monitors that are located in the Departures Check-In area. The monitors display all flight departures along with the numbers of the Check-In desks that have been allocated for that flight. Once you have found out which desks are Checking-In your flight, you will need to make your way to the desks and join the queue.

At the Check-In desk you will be required to present a valid passport and any other documentation that is required for your travel. If you are Checking-In Hold luggage, you will need to place the luggage on the electronic weighing scales at the side of the Check-In desk. Each airline has its own policies regarding luggage weight allowance and you will need to ensure you are familiar with those policies before packing your luggage. If you exceed the weight allowance, you may be charged a fee for the excess weight. When your luggage has been Checked-In, you will be issued with your Boarding Pass. You will need to show your Boarding Pass at Security and also at the Boarding Gate
before you board your flight.

When you have been issued with your Boarding Pass, you can then make your way to the Security Area.

Online Check-In

The majority of airlines now provide the facility that allows passengers to Check-In Online. If you choose to use this facility, you must ensure that you have all the correct details on your booking. You must also ensure that you print off your Boarding Pass before leaving for the airport and that you have it with you. If you arrive at the airport without your Boarding Pass, you will need to get the airline to re-issue you with a new one and this can be a costly experience. Some of the low budget airlines now charged up to £100 for re-issuing you with a new Boarding Pass!

If you have Checked-In for your flight Online and have also Checked-in and additional piece of luggage other than your hand luggage, the additional piece of luggage will need to travel in the Hold on the aircraft. This means that you will need to take the additional Checked-In piece of luggage to one of the Check-In desks when you arrive at the airport. You will simply need to present your Boarding Pass and Passport at the Check-In desks and the member of staff on the desk will process your luggage.

If you have Checked-In Online and are only travelling with hand luggage, you will not need to visit the Check-In desks and can make your way straight to the Security Area.

Security Area At Billund Airport Departures

Once you have Checked-In for your flight, you will need to clear Security before you are allowed access into the main Departures Lounge. The Security Area can become busy, especially at peak times when several flights are departing at the same time. Please remember that these Security procedures are there for your safety and benefit so please be patient.

Every passenger is required to pass through the upright body scanner and this scanner detect metal objects. If the scanner detects an metal, it will activate a beep sound. When you arrive at the Security area, you will be required to place all your hand luggage and any loose metal items you may be carrying into one of the plastic trays provided. You should also place any bottled liquids or tubes of liquids into a separate transparent bag and place it in the tray.

Please Note: Any liquids that exceed 100ml in size will be confiscated. This also applies to any sharp objects that are deemed dangerous or are prohibited.

The tray(s) will then be passed through an xray machine and you can collect your belongings once you yourself have walked through the upright scanner.

Once you have cleared Security, you can then proceed to the main Departures Lounge.

The Main Departures Lounge At Billund Airport

The main Departures Lounge is where you will wait for your flight to board and it is where you will be able to relax and enjoy a drink, food or browse around the Duty Free Shop.

Boarding Gates

Each flight departure is allocated its own Boarding Gate and you will need to keep an eye out on the overhead monitors for which Gate your flight will be boarding from. There will also be an announcement when your flight is ready for boarding and you will then need to make your way to the Boarding Gate and wait until you are called to board.

Live Up To Date Information On All Billund Airport Departures

It is always advisable to check the status of your flight and the departure times.  Due to heavy traffic and technical problems, delays do occur (especially in busy periods),
so it is always good to be informed rather than turn up at the airport early.

Below, you are able to check the flight number, carrier, destination, departure time, status and tracking of your flight.

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